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That extra Mile

Here at Rejuvenate we strive to do better and give our guests an experience.


Healthy Snack & Beverages

Infused Water

The health benefits for infused water are endless. We make our infused water fresh every single day with seasonal ingredients.

Healthy Snacks

We know you have defiantly set aside special time in your schedule to come and visit us here, and sometimes that may mean skipping lunch. But, we have got you covered. Our snack bar is available to you at anytime, even grab a snack to go after a massage or lash services.

It is best to get 5-6 small meals in during the day to keep your metabolism running.

Herbal Teas & Organic Coffee

Herbal teas have so many wonderful benefits and here are a few:



Did you know coffee can have high amounts of acid (?) and chemicals(?), so we choose organic coffee for our coffee bar.